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" Joannes: dpkg -L packagename Joannes: dpkg -L packagename | grep bin ok, bin/plugin-container Joannes: dpkg -L packagename | grep 2>&1 | grep "^/$" bin/plugin-container: /usr/bin/plugin-container Joannes: dpkg -L packagename | grep 2>&1 | grep "^/$" | grep "^/usr/bin/plugin-container$" I told you. dpkg -L packagename | grep 2>&1 | grep "^/$" | grep "^/usr/bin/plugin-container$" is there a specific command to install a package? yes. sudo apt-get install okay, thanks :) btw, why does the installation always ask for dpkg-dev? shouldn't it be automagically installed? dpkg-dev is a meta package - it depends on everything needed to build the package. dpkg is the package manager and the apt system builds a dependency tree. okay, thank you hello, I want to install Ubuntu 16.04 with gnome, any one know how to do that? Guest89753: I think the regular iso is unity; there's also the gnome-ubuntu flavor Guest89753: if you want to do a real install, you can use the "server" installer, choose to install just the desktop rather than the whole thing sarnold: thank you, do I have to update the kernel




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